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3D renderings


Here are high-quality rendered images.


I started working with 3D renderings back in 1980, when I wrote a two-pass (lights and shadows) rendering program in BASIC for a micro-computer (Swedish ABC800) with a 2.2 MHz 8 bit Z80 processor and 32 KB RAM memory. It could handle models with some 200 facets, but took several days to render and print a one megapixel image in black and white. In 1995, I started working with VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, later X3D) on the web, and in 1998, I started working with the 3D program RayDream Studio from Fractal Designs/MetaCreations, later Carrara from Eovia/DAZ, and Poser from FractalDesigns/Curious Labs/e frontier. I also tried out programs like POV-Ray from POVRay Pty. and 3D Studio Max from Kinetix/Autodesk. Most of the renderings in this section of the site are created in Carrara since 2005.


Here are web-adapted (800x600 px with water-marks) sets of art renderings (3200x2400 px) intended for high-quality prints (16x12").

  • drapes1_n

    pictures: 12
    description: classic ballet room
  • mbrot1_b
    Various art sets

    pictures: 72
    description: various scenes and objects

Work in progress

Here are sample renderings of virtual scenes and objects under production.

  • terrain1c

    pictures: 48
    description: various scenes and objects

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