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Background, competence and interests of Magnuz.

Swedish male, born 1964, living and working in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Scientist, engineer and IT generalist, with a Ph.D. in medicine 1996, a M.Sc. in chemical engineering 1988, and more than 30 years of experience in computers and programming. Interests and competences includes computers and programming, communication and web, 3D and virtual reality, imaging and photography, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, biology, paleontology, human behavior, history, politics, religion, mythology, music, dancing, hiking, bicycling and martial arts.

My foremost talent is problem solving, based on gifts by birth, such as high IQ, good analytical and synthetical skills, further enhanced by life and training as M.Sc. and Ph.D. I am interested in and curious about most things, and never afraid neither to question my own and other people's truths, nor to learn about new things, be it a programming language or other cultures. In solving problems, my first question is "why" rather than "how", meaning many "problems" are just products of poor analysis and decisions, that easily can be changed.

As a scientist, but also author and former journalist, I am used to communicate information in many different forms, both orally, written and imaged, to many different audiences, both peers, students and public. In this communication, the web has been an essential tool for me since 1994, and I have set up servers, programmed applications, and structured, designed and maintained web sites and web pages. I have also expanded this communication by incorporating 3D tools such as Carrara, VRML/X3D and QTVR, and virtual worlds such as Second Life, where suitable.


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