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Here are photos taken by Magnuz.


Except for some childhood Instamatic attempts, I started photographing in July 1995. My first camera, an analog Pentax Espio W, was literally worn out after 5 years, having followed me around almost everywhere, sometimes receiving a harsh battering, and providing some 4,000 pictures. In July 1998, I got my first digital camera, a Kodak DC120, which was a brick-like thing, too bulky and too low image quality to really do any good imaging. In July 2001, however, the replacement for the broken down Pentax became a Canon Digital Ixus 300, a little masterpiece that got me hooked both on digital photography and Canon. After 5 years and almost 7,000 pictures, it was still going strong, but was retired in August 2005 for a digital Canon PowerShot S2 IS, which has so far provided more than 7,000 pictures. In September 2006, I also got a Canon EOS 350D Digital for real high-quality photography. However, being a bit too bulky to carry around everywhere, it has so far only provided some 200 pictures.


Here is a set of albums with a few selected pictures on various themes.

  • mz2-3760

    pictures: 51
    description: plants and flowers
  • mz2-1732

    pictures: 17
    description: invertebrates like butterflies and flies
  • mz2-1669

    pictures: 10
    description: mammals and birds
  • mz2-0516

    pictures: 9
    description: nature scenery and skies
  • mz2-4022

    pictures: 9
    description: buildings, vehicles and more

Complete photo album

Almost all pictures from my digital cameras are available through the links below. Since the web presentation of them originally was a separate project, unfortunately the image descriptions are in Swedish only, even if there is an English index for the shoots as well.


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