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Here is information about the virtual world Second Life.


Second Life® is a virtual 3D world, based on a number of continents and islands, both public and private. Its residents, represented by avatars, can interact with each other and the environment by text and voice chat, gestures, walking, running, flying and teleporting. They can also create content by building, texturing and scripting, making the content both static, animated or interactive.
Second Life is a registered trade mark of Linden Research, Inc.

Science and Education

The possibility of creating models with animations and interactivity makes Second Life an interesting platform and tool for scientific projects. The possibility of sharing and communicating around such projects also makes it an interesting platform and tool in teaching. However, the complexity of the virtual world and the threshold for entering it, means that those possibilities should be reserved for such projects where the unique capabilities of Second Life is really needed, while other projects and information are probably better communicated through less complex channels, e.g. web pages, blogs, chats, etc.

To show what can be accomplished in Second Life, I have created a small portfolio of projects to hopefully can demonstrate how Second Life can be used in science and teaching. The main project there so far is an astronomical theme park with many interactive objects and exhibitions.


The possibility of creating models in Second Life can also be used to model existing objects, like buildings or cities, or to sketch objects before constructed. By using a proper combination of building blocks and textures, very realistic models can be created. A great advantage with using a platform like Second Life is that several modelers can participate and interact, and that the results easily can be shared and presented to interest groups and the public for discussion and feedback.

Several models of existing cities can be found in Second Life, e.g. Copenhagen in Denmark, Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France and Dublin in Ireland, most however only parts of or compilations of characteristic buildings or areas in the cities.

Links into Second Life

Locations inside Second Life can be linked through the SLURL system.

Complete snapshot album

Almost all my snapshots from Second Life are available through the link below.


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