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Own sites

  • Magnuz_109
    Sky Planetarium

    description: astronomy theme park
    location: Honawan 96,122,421
  • Magnuz_136
    Sculpted Earth

    description: 3D Earth with topography
    location: Badger 40,168,401
  • Magnuz_126
    Sweden 3D map

    description: interactive map of Sweden with cities, minicipalities and counties
    location: Badger 56,56,401
  • Magnuz_098
    Ravs Rof Castle

    description: Normandic tower castle from 1200-1300 AD
    location: Honawan 191,211,106
  • Magnuz_094
    Art and Photo Gallery

    description: Swedish mansion from 1600-1700 AD
    location: Honawan 160,84,103
  • Magnuz_103
    Greek Temple

    description: Greek temple in Doric style from 500-300 BC
    location: Honawan 108,182,130
  • Magnuz1_012
    Chemistry of Life

    description: DNA molecule so far
    location: Honawan 32,36,401



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