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Projects - 3D Map


Here is one of Magnuz of Sweden's projects in Second Life.

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The 3D Map by Magnuz of Sweden displays sculpted topographic maps of the four neighbouring sims Honawan, Badger, Horseshoe and Badger, with maps including parcel borders and usage color coding projected onto them. The map is displayed on a platform made of stone, in the connecting corner of the four sims being displayed.


The 3D map of the neighbouring sims is located in the north-western corner of the sim Honawan, a region of the old southern continent of Second Life. It is built on a platform in a slope neighbouring on the sims Badger, Horseshoe and Hubbard.


I produced my first Second Life map 2007-05-29, of the sim Tamarack, where I started out my carreer in Second Life. The original purpose was to get an overview of my surroundings myself, but I also offered it as a public, interactive service where visitors could touch to get information about the various parcels in the sim and get a direct teleport there. I kept updating that map service until 2008-01-30, when I effectively left Tamarack. Already 2007-07-02 I started mapping Honawan, without making it a public service though, but it was a great aid in planning parcel buys and development. I built my first Second Life land altitude mapper 2008-05-16 and used the data to create topographic maps in other programs. Once I started to learn how to make sculpted prims, I realized it would be possible to build topographic maps in Second Life as well, using these.


I acquired the land for the map in the sim Honawan 2007-03-13, but it wasn't until 2008-07-14 I built the first and present map display there. It consists of four sculpted prims of Honawan, Badger, Horseshoe and Hubbard, respectively, textured with maps including the parcel borders and usage. The display is mounted in a rock pit with another set of prims displaying the sea surface in the sims. After that, the texture maps have been updated a number of times to reflect the changes in parcel borders and status.


I will keep updating the display as significant changes in topography or parcels within the four sims occur. It is possible I will move the display into one of the bordering sims to free up land and prims for other projects in Honawan.


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  • Magnuz_118

    size: 1676x1006 px, 292 kB
    description: view, object and avatar, 3D map of the sims Honawan, Badger, Horseshoe & Hubbard, and Magnuz Binder, 2008-07-14
  • Magnuz_119

    size: 1676x1006 px, 374 kB
    description: view, object and avatar, 3D map of the sims Honawan, Badger, Horseshoe & Hubbard, and Magnuz Binder, 2008-07-14

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