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"But who shall dwell in these worlds ?"

2008-04-24 by Bruce Sommerville (Aidenn Brooks in SL) at RezEd

Astronomy Theme Park

On any measure of truly inspiring educational experiences, the astronomy theme park of Magnus Zeisig (Magnuz Binder in SL) must rank very near the zenith. It is surely one of the most meticulously and beautifully constructed creations in Second Life.

The park's several celestial spheres are supported by a square structure consisting of three levels, the uppermost bearing the teleport entry point. Located at the corners of this level are four large spheres: the Mini-Planetarium, the Mini-Stellarium, the Galaxy Sphere, and the Star Sphere. Although darkened inside, each sphere appears transparent from the outside, making the celestial bodies within visible, bright against a deep starry backdrop. Upon entering a sphere, one becomes immersed in darkness, and may behold the galaxies, stars, or planets shining against the star-streaked night sky. The many smaller dioramas of single planets and moons in motion, arrayed along the intervening walkways, are delightful, and would grace the *teleportico of any institution caring to purchase a few.

Level two forms a park, spread with extensive lawns, pleasant greenery and animated water features. Here are four more spheres, showing clusters of galaxies, a black hole, and an historical map by Hevelius.

Deep in the basement level, the planets, major moons, and asteroids of our solar system numbering hundreds - are gathered and arranged to scale, like the collection of jewels of some Roman God, awaiting dispersion throughout space. From the smallest asteroid to the Jovian giant, they lay, shining brightly, as it seems, with the reflected rays of the sun. Glowing blue grids marked on the floor and ceiling provide a sense of perspective and containment.

The largest central sphere, coloured white externally but again dark within, is 'Club Stellarium', a cosmic meeting chambre and disco, filled with swirling galaxies and meteor showers, where one may dance away eternity, or sit and chat with earthly friends, or exchange quiet whispers with another on the relative charms of Mars and Venus ...

The astronomy theme park is astonishing to both eye and mind a fusion of Art and Science, equally pleasing to the aesthetic and intellectual senses, and truly exemplifying the educational power of the virtual world. Educators, the virtual universe awaits - take the guided tour starting near the teleportico, and follow it with an exploration of the cosmos on foot.

*teleportico / noun [from tele(port + port)ico]
The location at which an avatar alights upon teleporting in a virtual world, usually the formal entrance to a build, often consisting of a podium, porch or colonnade.



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