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Here is an external comment on my projects in Second Life.

To the Stars and Beyond!

2008-04-28 by Jenn Hienrichs in SL at SL Things To Do

Magnus Zeisig, one of Sweden's leading SL builders, has created a planetarium exhibit on Honawan that is a must see! It contains a number of stellar exhibitions, including large, interactive space spheres, advanced interactive celestial body models, and space dioramas.

There are walk through 3D maps of nearby stars and galaxy clusters, a programmable orrery, and a 3D browsable database of planets, satellites and asteroids. Navigating through these exhibits with an avatar gives a real sense of depth and distance, which is an original and unusual perspective on stellar datasets. See if you can find the modernized version of the space ship Magnus designed when he was 8 years old!

The exhibit also includes the Stellarium, a space themed meeting space and dance club with a semi transparent floor unlike any others we've seen. And all of it can be reached (optionally) by the longest spiral staircase in Second Life -- over 300 meters!

If you are a star gazer, you can buy your own copies of the planetariums, and set them up in your Second Life home or office. Check it out! More details can be found at their website.

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Joia Sands for this wonderful landmark and write-up. Please look for more guest contributions from her in the future!


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